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Life Science Products

Gel Documentation Imaging

Vilber Gel documentation imaging

The QUANTUM is the laboratory standard for DNA and protein gel imaging. The system is based on an advanced set of performance ideal to achieve high fidelity and quantitative scientific measurement

Chemiluminescence &
Fluorescence Imaging

Vilber Chemidoc

Western blotting & Gel documentation imaging

Ultrasonic Processor

Motorized Pestle Mixer

Ultrasonic processor

Typical applications include sample prepartation, cell lysing, disaggregation, homogenization, particle size reduction, acceleration of chemical reactions, defoaming, and atomization

1.5 mL homogenizer

Designed to homogenize cells and plant tissue or to re-suspend protein and DNA pellets. Pestles and tubes are DNase / RNase and pyrogen free and individually wrapped to guarantee purity.


จำหน่าย Biological stirrer

The stirrers are designed for optimal suspension cell culture

and the use of microcarriers.


Masterflex Peristaltic pumps

Powerful pumps built to last in challenging process, research and production environments

Aspiration Systems

Cole-parmer Aspiration pump

Cole-Parmer vacuum aspirators provide convenient handling of liquid waste disposal in a compact and easy-to-use
self-contained system

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