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Powerful pumps built to last in challenging process, research and production environments.

Masterflex L/S
Masterflex Peristaltic pumps

Masterflex Peristaltic pump
system provide superior accuracy and repeatability
and ensure optimal performance when used
with the proper tubing


ตัวแทนจำหน่าย Masterflex


small flow rate

(0.002 to 43 mL/min)

Masterflex model L/S



(0.006 to 3400 mL/min)

Masterflex model I/P


Powerful systems

(0.0006 to 26 LPM)

Masterflex B/T series


Highest Flow rate

(0.3 to 42 LPM)


  • Designed with maintenance-free high-accuracy motor and a graphical interface—makes setup and operation easier than ever!

  • These precision drives offer analog remote control options and simple programming—ideal for automated process applications. Drives feature a programmable dispense interval that lets you set the delay between dispense cycles for convenient, automated dispensing. Programmed calibration ensures dispense and display accuracy—drive stores one calibration value per tubing size.

  • Program the drive via the simple membrane keypad; keypad lock/unlock feature protects settings. Motor is reversible so you can purge tubing before or after pumping and pump fluid in either direction.


  • Bioprocess (Downstem)

  • Pharmaceutical & Biotech

  • Fermentation

  • Process Filtration

  • Media Transferring

  • Media Preparation

  • Flow Injection analysis

  • pH acid/base monitoring

  • Multichannel Dispensing

  • Composite Sampler

  • etc.



Pump Heads

Masterflex Thailand
ตัวแทนจำหน่าย Masterflex
Masterflex Pump Head

Versatility - a Pump Head for every application

Masterflex Easy load II pump head
Masterflex Standard head pump
Easy load pump head
multichannel pump head
Cytoflow pump head
Easy load 3 pump head
Easy load II pump head with open head sensor
PTFE pump head

Easy Load 

New design automatic tubing retention allow for multiple tubing sizes.

Easy Load II

New design automatic tubing retention allow for multiple tubing sizes.

Easy Load II with Open-Head sensor

available with integrated open-head sensor-connects directly to sensor-equipped drives

Easy Load 3

same side tubing entry/exit permits easy integration into space-limited.


The best option for pumping live cells and shear-sensitives fluids.


get low-pulsation synchronous flow in multiple channels without cartridges


Standard Heads are precision molded to accommodate a single size of tubing


ideal for high-purity fluids and aggressive organic solvents

Peristaltic pump tubings

Masterflex Tubing
  • Masterflex Tubing is custom extruded to fit Masterflex pumps and engineered for long life in peristaltic pump application.

  • Advantages: Biocompatible, Ultra-smooth, Great for tissue and cell work, Chemical resistance, Heat seablable, etc.

  • Classifications: USP Class VI, FDA, RoHS, REACH, ADCF, European Pharmacopoeia, NSF, etc.

  • Sterilization: autoclave, Eto, gamma irrditation

Tubing Formulation

Masterflex Thailand
  • Silicone (Peroxide-cured)

  • Silicone (Platinum-cured)

  • Biopharm silicone (Platinum-cured)

  • Biopharm Plus silicone (Platinum-cured)

  • Pharmed BPT

  • PharmaPure

  • Puri-Flex

  • Puri-Prene

  • C-Flex

  • C-Flex Ultra

  • Chem-Durance Bio

  • Tygon E-LFL

  • Tygon E-Food

  • Tygon E-Lab

  • Tygon Fuel&Lubricant

  • PTFE

  • Versilon 2001

  • Versilon A-60-N

  • Viton

  • Solva



Tubing size

  • L/S Series: No. 13, 14, 16, 25, 17, 18, 15, 24, 35,36

  • I/P Series: No. 26, 73, 82, 70, 88, 89

  • B/T Series: No. 87, 91

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