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Chemiluminescence & Fluorescence Imaging
Vilber Chemidoc

Western blotting & Gel documentation imaging


The FUSION FX is ideal for quantification grade imaging. Chemiluminescent Western blot data poses distinct challenges in producing quantifiable, reproducible data.
These problems stem from a low-dynamic range of detection and the difficulty in accurately determining the limit of detection. The FUSION FX eliminates all these issues thanks to its

High Sensitivity Reading (HSR) camera technology which delivers reliable dynamic range, linearity and sensitivity for the lowest limit of detection.

With the HSR, the FUSION FX reduces the various sources of noise to the lowest floor level and the
signal can stand out from the surrounding background.

Vilber fusion-fx

The FUSION FX provides consistent and reproducible
data, independently of the chemiluminescence time
course. The chemiluminescence intensity/time profile
consists of an initial rise period up to a prolonged
emission at a pseudo-plateau level and a decline.


The FUSION FX Automatic imaging mode compensates
the time course of the chemiluminescence reaction by
adjusting the exposure time while maintaining the larger possible image dynamic.

                             ONE CLICK TO THE IMAGE"

The FUSION FX includes our unique Apps Studio approach to imaging. The Apps Studio is a library which contains 40 different protocols for your blot, gel and other bioluminescence samples. The protocol oriented Apps Studio ensures reproducibility and one click acquisition for the best ease of use.


The FUSION FX has a limit of detection in the picogram level.

The system achieves the best signal to noise ratio for the lowest limits of detection. 

Vilber fusion fx door


  • Chemiluminescence & fluorescence Western, Northern or Southern blot

  • DNA and RNA gels and fluorescence stain imaging: Colorimetric stained protein gels, X-Ray film, autorads, SSCP gels, colony dish and flask imaging

  • Other EPI white light application

Free software for image acquisition with full GLP compliance. Molecular weight calculation, band quantification, colony counting, distance calculation, text annotation and image enhancement included. CFR21 Part 11 ready

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