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Sampling Bottle Assembly

Single use bottle Masterflex

Safely transfer, sample, and store biopharmaceutical products and reagents

Single use bottle

Cap assembly includes a seamless liner with premolded C-Flex® fill and vent tubes to create an unobstructed fluid path. The 18" fill tube is plugged at the terminal end to maintain sterility until use. Vent tube includes a 0.2-micron PTFE vent filter to prevent infiltration by contaminants. Vent filter is hydrophobic to guard against loss of costly product or media during filling or emptying. The one-piece liner eliminates the risk of bacterial entrapment and contamination and forms an elastomeric seal between cap and bottle rim.

  • Secure, single-piece cap/tubing assembly eliminates contamination and product loss due to lose connections

  • Assemblies are pre-sterilized by gamma irradiation—eliminates labor and validation costs associated with assembly and cleaning

Capacities : 125, 250, 500, 1000 and 2000 mL

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