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Pyramid Glove Bags

Pyramid glove bag

The Captair Pyramid glove bag design provides a controlled environment to protect you from potentially contaminated specimen samples and still air materials. Final packaging, transportation, or on-site testing processes can be safely performed as material remains sealed within an airtight chamber.

The portable light-weight glove bag with self-supporting pyramid assembles in seconds, collapses for easy storage, and can be cleaned with a mild cleanser for continued use. It features an 18-1/2” (47 cm) side opening for introduction of materials, a double-lined zipper to ensure an air-tight seal, and a port to exhaust/purge gas. The glove bag is constructed from high-quality transparent PVC and chemical resistant butyl rubber gloves with PVC sleeves. Each unit is individually tested to ensure its safety and comes with a unique serial number for full traceability.

Captair pyramid glove box

Chamber dimensions: 76.2 x 72.4 x 55.9 cm (WxHxD)

Width of opening: 47 cm

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