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Pack test


"Simplified Water Analysis Tool"

PACKTEST has been used for wide range of purposes; wastewater management, process water management, environment research, educational material, agriculture and fish farming, in various industries like government, citizen groups, research institution, and educational site.

AS ONE Packtest How to use


  • pH: WAK-pH

  • Residual Chlorine: WAK-ClO/DP

  • Hexavalent chromium: WAK-Cr6+

  • Zinc: WAK-Zn, WAK-ZN (D)

  • Divalent iron: WAK-Fe2+

  • Iron: WAK-Fe

  • Nitrite/Nitrile nitrogen: WAK-NO3, WAK-NO3 (C)

  • Phenol: WAK-PNL

  • Total residual chlorine: WAK-T/ClO

  • COD: WAK-COD-2, WAK-COD (D)-2, WAK-COD (H)-2

  • Manganese: WAK-Mn

  • Phosphoric acid/Phosphate phosphorus: WAK-PO4, WAK-PO4 (D), WAK-PO4 (C)

  • Fluorine (free): WAK-F

  • Silica: WAK-SiO2, WAK-SiO2 (D)

  • Hydrazine: WAK-HYD

  • Formaldehyde: WAK-FOR

  • Hydrogen Peroxide: WAK-H2O2, WAK-H2O2 (C)

  • Sliver: WAK-Ag

  • Ammonium/Ammonium nitrogen: WAK-NH4-4, WAK-NH4 (C)-4

  • Total hardness: WAK-TH

  • Magnesium/Magnesium hardness: WAK-Mg-2

  • Gold: WAK-Au

  • Sulfide (hydrogen sulfide): WAK-S

  • Boron: WAK-B, WAK-B (C)

  • Chloride: WAK-Cl (D)

  • Residual Chlorine: WAK-ClO (C)

  • Nitrite/Nitrite nitrogen: WAK-NO2 (C)

  • Ozone: WAK-O3

  • Potassium permanganate: WAK-PMD-2

  • Sulfurous acid: WAK-SO3 (C)

  • Total Chromium: WAK-Cr/T

  • Chlorine dioxide: WAK-ClO2

  • Copper: WAK-CuM-2

  • Total metals (five types): WAK-Me

  • Molybdenum: WAK-Mo

  • Nickel: WAK-Ni (D)

  • Total nitrogen (inorganic): WAK-TN-i-3

  • Vitamin C: WAK-VC-2

  • Trivalent iron: WAK-Fe3+

  • Sodium chlorite: WAK-NaClO2

  • M Alkalinity: WAK-MAL

  • Glucose: WAK-GLU

  • Lead: SPK-Pb

  • Sulfuric acid: WAK-SO4 (C)

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