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UV Transilluminator

AS ONE UV transilluminator


  • Cleaning is easy and strong top plate made from stainless steel. 

  • Light volume can be changeable to two steps of HI/LO.  

  • Clear and high observation of contrast is possible.  

  • Heating on surface of filter is suppressed to minimum even prolonged use by cooling fan. 

  • protective cover made from special acrylics is attached as standard.

  • Model number: SRT-170

  • Peak wavelength: 254nm

  • Number of discharge tubes: SW15W x 4 tubes

  • Dimensions: 482.4 x 336 x 111mm (excluding cover)

  • Filter size: 150 x 150mm

  • Power supply: 100VAC 50/60Hz FL15W x 4

  • Power cord length: 1.4m (2P plug)

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