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VapLock™ Closed System

HPLC Solvent Safety Systems


Protect lab personnel from hazardous
solvent vapors

– Minimize chemical exhaust from solvent reservoir bottles and waste containers— 
   ideal for HPLC and other analytical testing instruments
– Avoid costly fines by maintaining regulatory compliance
– Achieve repeatable results and ensure the purity of the process
– Simply attach to any standard solvent bottle and waste container
– Quick and easy setup—modular design adapts to most existing carboys and     
   solvent reservoirs
– Versatile—large selection of components provides a solution for any system, plus
   custom solutions available

3 Easy Steps

to Protect Your Laboratory Staff and Environment




         to prevent hazardous vapors escaping into the laboratory and maintain the cleanliness
and purity of your valuable HPLC mobile phases.

            – Integral check valve prevents vapors from escaping

            – Filtered air replaces fluid withdrawn from the container, maintaining equilibrium
            – Simple and quick bottle changes—easy to remove without tangling inlet tubes

Solvent Delivery Container Caps.

 Cap Size: GL45

 Ports: 2 ports of 1/4'' - 28 UNF(F) and 4 ports of 1/4'' - 28 UNF(F)

Vaplock GL 45 cap
Vaplock Cap diagram



2. Waste Solvent Vapors Safety Contained

         VapLock™ Waste Manifold kits connect to any HPLC system. All waste solvent is contained in a fully enclosed and sealed system. Hazardous solvent vapors are absorbed and prevented from entering your environment. 
- Fully enclosed and sealed system collects waste while containing harmful vapors
– Manifolds include multiple connection ports to adapt to your system; freespinning collar allows quick disconnect

Waste Manifold kits: Include a 10-port manifold (6 ports x 1/4''-28 UNF(F), 3 ports x 1/4'' NPT(F) and   

1 port x 1/2'' NPT(F)), fittings, plugs for unused ports, tubing with connections, and exhaust filter
with breakthrough indicator.

Choose one for Cap size: 38-430, Wako 38 mm, GL45, DIN45 

Vaplock Manifold kits



3. Absorb hazardous vapors

         The activated carbon filter adsorbs hazardous solvent vapors. A breakthrough indicator shows when the carbon filter is fully loaded and needs to be replaced.

Breakthrough filter indicator
VapLock set

Vaplock Closed Systems are modular, with afull range of available options to adapt to mostany system. Choose from a variety of materials for chemical compatibility, and multiple port connections and bottle sizes for versatility.

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