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Save time for sample preparation process with SEPARA syringeless filters.

SEPARA Syringeless filter is one step sample preparation device that integrates a device auto-sampler, filtration, membrane, plug and cap/septa. The device consists of two parts: an internal vial with a membrane chamber and an external vial to be filled with the filtrate. The internal vial has a sealed membrane and a cap with pre-cut septa. The liquid is placed in the external vial and the SEPARA is ready to be loaded in the auto-sampler.

Syringeless filter - separa: Services
Syringeless filter - separa: About
Separa GVS

Feature and Benefits

  • Rapid sample Preparation

  • Single step process, filtering with a plunger in the vial

  • Sample ready to use after filtration

  • Pre-slitted cap ensure easy and clean sample transfer

  • Increase sample integrity with all-in vial and filter

  • Compatible with any auto-sampler that takes a standard (12 x 32 mm profile)

  • Compatible with multi-compressors 

Syringeless filter - separa: About


Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions – 12 mm diameter x 32 mm height

  • Materials – Housing, cap: polypropylene; Septa: PTFE/silicone

  • Maximum Volume – 480 microliters (μL)

  • Dead Volume – 30 microliters (μL)

  • Compression Force – 8 psi (0.6 bar) approximately

  • Maximum Operating Temperature – 50°C

  • Automation – Designed for use with all autosamplers and compressor units

Syringeless filter - separa: About
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