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Pure and Ultra Pure Water System

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  • for demanding applications in laboratory and medical technology, science and research as well as pharmacy and industry.

  • Whether for demanding applications in life sciences and analytics or for the supply of analyzers, autoclaves and laboratory irrigators – the newly expanded Omnia series from stakpure now offers the right solution for every task with eleven systems and complies with international water standards such as ASTM, ISO 3696 and CLRW (CLSI). The systems are characterized by smart ease of use, cost-effectiveness and flexibility in many applications.

Intuitive. Compact. Flexible.

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The Omnia series is extremely convenient to use. All devices
are fitted with the Optifill
one-hand dispenser with integrated
control- and monitoring unit. One-handed operation, removable,
can be swivelled and height-adjusted, and with a flexible
connection fo
r easy water dispensing into any type of container.

Omnia Series

Stakpure OmniaTap.jpg

OmniaTap is the ideal system when both pure water and ultrapure water, but in relatively small amounts


  • OptiFill dispenser is standard

  • Pretreatment set for direct connection to tap water

  • 10-litres pure water tank

  • Fully recirculation

Water Quality:

  • Type 2: 1 to 15 MΩxcm

  • Type 1: 18.2 MΩxcm

Model: OmniaTap, OnmiaTap UV, OmniaTap UV/UF 

Stakpure OmniaTap.jpg

OmniaPure is for highest quality pure water that fulfils the demands of analytical and life science laboratory.


  • OptiFill dispenser is standard

  • Real time TOC monitoring

  • Fully recirculation

Water quality

  • Type 1 : 18.2 MΩxcm

Model: OnmiaPure UV-TOC, OmniaPure UV-TOC/UF

stakpure omnialab-ed.jpg

OmniaLabED+ is the larger allrounder for the complete laboratory. The prefect 100 L tank system for both Type 2 and Type 1 applications.


  • OptiFill dispenser is standard

  • Continuous residual salts removal by EDI

  • UV lamp is standard

  • Fully recirculation

Water quality:

  • Type 2: 1-15 MΩxcm

  • Type 1 : 18.2 MΩxcm

Model: • OmniaLabED+20, OmniaLabED+40, OmniaLabED+70 

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