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Stakpure Pure and Ultrapure Water Systems 


for demanding applications in laboratory and medical technology, science and research as well as

pharmacy and industry.

OmniaTap is the ideal system when both pure water and ultrapure water are required, but in relatively small amounts. The ability to provide both types from a single system results from the combination of ultramodern purification technologies. These also make it possible to connect the system directly to tap water. A press on the dispenser button activates dispensing of ultrapure water type I via the digital dispenser control. The recirculation of the pure water held in the installed 10 litre tank keeps it permanently at type II quality. The pure water tank has a second outlet for feeding downstream end users.

Stakpure omnitap.jpg


  • OptiFill dispenser is standard

  • Pretreatment set for direct connection to tap water

  • Tank volume display in percent

  • Simple and economical filter replacement

  • Ready-to-use, including filter cartridges

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