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Save time by processing multiple samples simultaneously

Use vacuum manifolds for SPE sample preparation, filtration, and elution.

Manifolds come complete with everything you need—tank, lid, needles, stopcocks, rack, vacuum gauge, waste collection container, and plates for accepting different size tubes. Easily control the flow rates by adjusting the vacuum supply to the manifold. Each port can be fitted with a stopcock for individual column control or isolation.

Sample Processing Manifold, 12- and 24-position.

• Tube Diameter: 16mm
• Processing: Vacuum manifold / gravity
• Maximum Columns: 12- and 24-Columns Maximum
• Format Compatibilty: Luer Outlet Columns
• Tube Dimensions: Maximum Diameter Collection Tube 16mm, Max Length 100mm
• Application: Sample Processing Manifolds

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE): Services
Solid Phase Extraction (SPE): Services
Solid Phase Extraction (SPE): Services
SPE Column

SPE Columns

• Significantly reduces the matrix components
• 4 popular chemistries; strong and weak cation exchange and strong and weak anion exchange for acidic analytes
PS-DVB/PS-DVB ENV/NH2 Polar/Alumina/Florisil/Silica Polar/neo PRP/C18 nonpolar/H-CX/SCX/C4/Multilayer/etc.

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE): Services
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