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Pencil Homogenizer

AS ONE Pencil Homogenizer 4-2092-01 sample.jpg
AS ONE Pencil Homogenizer 4-2092-01.jpg


Designed to homogenize cells and plant tissue or to re-suspend protein and DNA pellets.


  • Easy-to-use pencil type homogenizer.

  • Since it can be rotated only when necessary with the button at hand. work efficiency is improved.

  • It uses batteries and can be used anywhere.

AS ONE Pencil Homogenizer 4-2092-01 set .jpg


  • main body material: Aluminum

  • Shape: PUSH switch pencil type

  • Handel part: dia. 18 mm 

  • rotation speed: Max 7800 rpm (without load)

  • Power supply: Dedicated rechargeable battery (charger included, USB 5 V)

1-2955-01 AS ONE Pestle R-1.5.jpg

Homogenizer Pestle (DNase- , RNase-free, Quantity: 10/pk)

1-2955-01: Pestle R-1.5 for 1.5 mL round bottom tubes

1-2995-02: Pestel F-1.5 for 1.5 mL flat bottom tubes

1-2995-03: Pestel R-5.0 for 5 mL tubes

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