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Cole-Parmer Aspiration Systems

Aspiration pump
Aspiration pumps
These vacuum aspiratorare great replacements for the common vacuum pump, for all kinds of liquid waste recovery, especially biological, chemical and radioactive liquids. Ideal for use in cell culture, RNA/DNA extraction, microplate waste removal, and any other separation of liquids and solids or liquid recovery.
Cole-Parmer vacuum aspirators provide convenient handling of liquid waste disposal in a compact and easy-to-use self-contained system.
Available in 2- and 4-L models. The 4-L model features level detection which prevents bottle overfilling.
Removal of:
  • Supernatants during nucleic acid extraction 
  • Culture media
  • Wash solutions from immunoassay well plate
  • Buffers of Western blot strips
  • Excess liquid from slides and petri dishes
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