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Ismatec Miniflex pump

Ismatec Reglo miniflex
Powerful Performance at simple touch

Versatile pumps for accurate low-flow fluid delivery – with an intuitive touch-screen interface

  • Compact, benchtop pumps optimize ease of use, accuracy, and reliability

  • 5” (12.7 cm) capacitive TFT/RGB touch screen for crisp resolution and a wide viewing angle

  • Flexible operational control via screen, MasterflexLive, or analog remote control

  • Continuous run, volume dispense, and time dispense modes -- batch control and interval/off time in Volume and Time modes

  • Pump lets you save and retrieve commonly used dispense programs for rapid set up

Accurately & Securely dispense your valuable samples
Ismatec miniflex Display

● Continuous run, volume dispense, & time dispense modes - batch control & interval/off time in     
    volume & time modes
● Flexible operational control via screen, MasterflexLive, or analogue remote control
● Network connection via Wi-Fi or standard Ethernet (RJ45) jack on rear of drive
● USB connection allows for downloadable firmware updates to be loaded into the pump

Control & monitor your pumps autonomously with MasterflexLive®
masterflexlive program
Choose one for your application

Ismatec Miniflex with Single Pump Heads

This single or dual channel Pump Head has a wide
occlusion angle, preventing fluid backflow. An open-head
sensor stops the motor when the pump head opens.

ismatec miniflex single head
Ismatec miniflex multichannel
Ismatec miniflex multichannel head

Ismatec Miniflex with Multichannel Cassettes Pump Heads

These Cassette Heads offer space for two or four
cartridges for multichannel pumping. Each cartridge
accepts 3-stop tubing for easy loading & secure
retention. The 6, 8 or 12 rollers are low friction & long
wearing for smooth operation and low pulsation.

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